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Perhaps in 1953 you saw me in The Peanut Gallery of the Howdy Doody Show. That was the day I was famous, and I owe it all to food, particularly My-T- Fine Chocolate Pudding. It was the MY-T-Fine sales guy who got my father the tickets to the Howdy Doody Show.  See, I grew up with connections!

But, I’m a deli man’s daughter and proud of it. Fulton Deli was where:

  • The neighborhood kids wanted my autograph after I was in The Peanut Gallery
  • My dad fixed me up with the beer guy’s son for my high school prom.
  • My parents learned their first grandchild was born. Everyone got free lunch that day!
  • I got on the floor and wiped the bare toes of a man who was wearing sandals when my daughter dropped her sippy cup of milk all over his feet.

I love food shopping.  It’s in my blood.  And eating, well that’s in my blood too. As a teacher and a nature lover, I know that we eat for fuel. My fuel sometimes gets hijacked and gets turned into cellulite; oh well.

Even though I didn’t become a forest ranger, I often write about eating food in the outdoors. My role models are Tom and Huck.  I love when they roasted potatoes when they were on the lam. They roasted them on rocks over a campfire. My husband, Jerome, The Great and Good, would love that nifty cost saving idea!

When I’m not writing about food, the great outdoors, commuting, or education, you’ll find me laughing at myself. Come laugh with me, and let me know if you recognize yourself in any of my misadventures.

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