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My book Still Playing in the Dirt is my memoir that begins in my childhood and continues to today. Each chapter is about my search for serenity in the world of nature.  My problem, however, is that most times (usually due to my own ineptitude)  instead of finding serenity in the outdoors, I have found stress.  If you are looking for a serious guide to camping, fishing and birdwatching, this book is not it. However, if you are looking at how a woman uses these nature experiences to make us laugh and cry about the common concerns we all share like belonging, parenting, yearning, and aging, then— this is your book

My book is about seduction. All of us have been seduced by some force that drives our lives. My force has been nature. Nature gives me peace. I need nature like I need food.

I didn’t say I was good at doing nature. Au contraire, I truly suck at doing nature. Therein lies the conflict in this book. If you are looking for a serious guide to the outdoors, do not put this book in your rucksack.

I leave you with these questions. What called to you from your earliest days? What gives you peace? Have you pursued that passion? It’s never too late. What lens will you use to view your life?

I am qualified to write this book for several reasons.

  • When my retired friends go on vacations to the Galapagos Islands, they always come back and say, “Rose you would have liked this.”
  • My daughter and I have climbed mountains and eaten gorp together, and we have washed ten-gallon greasy, communal soup pots in adult nature camps in the Adirondacks and the Sierras.
  • Lastly, my husband Jerry, thanks to my nagging, now wears forest green flannel shirts  and rough hewn brown pants—instead of  his old, shiny, chartreuse 70’s leisure suits—when he chops wood in our backyard.

I have been “perfecting” this book for six years now, and Jerry has promised me that if I die before it’s published, he will get the job done. He will stop ordering bagels and lox for the post funeral meal, and he will run down to Staples with my last draft, print it, bind it, and distribute it to folks at my funeral. He will be overwrought, however, because when I die my pension dies too.

Therefore, while I’m still here stumbling through life, help me build his little nest egg (note: the nature connection) that he will so desperately need when I die. You can buy this book at any of the following locations. Thank you from both of us, with love.

Still Playing in the Dirt is Available in the Following Stores

Amazon: Kindle and Soft Cover Book

I Books: EBook

Barnes and Noble: Nook and Soft Cover Book


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